Hey everyone. My name is Jason. I wrote this blog because I need to let you in on a dirty little secret that I learned from my old roommate in college. I remember he got laid once in the beginning of the year...I overheard the girl talking about how amazing of an experience it was to feel a big dick. And after that, the girls just kept flocking in. I was in denial and told myself average was good, but secretly I was jealous and wanted a big dick too.

One night when my roommate and I were drunk, he admitted that he had been in a few porn movies. I said "it's awesome that male pornstars can fuck all those hot chicks because they were born with big dicks". He laughed and said "trust me man. they weren't born with it!"
So I was anxious and asked him to explain more.

So what's the secret?

He said all pornstars do secret things to grow their dicks. The porn industry has been hiding this stuff for years so I'm letting you guys in on this secret because it's changed my life. Basically he said it was possible to grow your penis by up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 2 weeks!... and we all know that girth is what women want ;). Anyways, he told to follow 2 steps that I'm gonna tell you guys about here:


The first product is
Penis Advantage, a natural supplement. This big secret the porn industry has been hiding for 10 years, but people don't talk about it because they want to keep it to themselves! This product directly increase the size of your penis by expanding the tissue and blood vessels. It is the quickest and safest way to gain inches of penis length.


The second product is

grow your penis fast

, another natural supplement.
Now what??
Just take these supplements as directed on the box. I found it really easy to remember to take them everyday. It's because I was actually EXCITED about taking them. The results came so fast that I just wanted to double up my dose. But I knew that I better stick to the regimen because 4 weeks will fly by really fast (which it did).
AAAND don't forget - take BEFORE and AFTER photos of your penis and your body. Then you can visit back here in 4 weeks and post your results (and thank me! haha).

Success Stories:


Hey Jay...Here is my progress. Thanks for all the e-mail support have been great. Hope I wasn't too annoying lol!! Let me know if anyone else has questions. I went through the process too and can answer pretty much anything.

by 49ersAlltheWay
1/15/2010 4:14PM EST
I just order my package. Im real excited!! I hope it gets here this week. Will post back here with results.
by Anonymous
1/17/2010 9:14AM EST
ive been taking this for 3 weeks now and grown 1 inch on my length. its actually scary lol. my gf said last night was the best sex we ever had. she asked if i got bigger and i just said ive always been this big. i think after another week she will def know i just keep growing
by Arthus
1/17/2010 10:20AM EST
WOW!!! First an foremost:Thank you sooooo much for posting this. You are a KING!! I also kept lying to myself and telling myself that average was just fine. I never thought I'd be the type of guy that could walk around with a big dick. it has really changed my entire life. we are now both in the 'big boy' crew! i started at 5.5inches erect and now i'm over 8inchse. i think im even bigger than you now lol
by Matty87
1/18/2010 11:30AM EST
well i gotta hand it to you. i was selfish at first and didnt was to post here to tell everyone how well this product worked for me. but it was amazing how fast it worked. i hated sitting my chair feeling like i had a small penis down there. im sitting her now and can feel my tree-branch of a dick on my thigh. it is probably the best thing ive ever done for myself!
by Richmanpoorman
1/19/2010 2:19PM EST
A friend referred me here. I just ordered it. how long does it take to get here? it took him a couple days. but each day is growth!! i need some growth for a special occassion 2 weeks from now lol!
by Anonymous
1/19/2010 5:01PM EST
Great article. I, too, saw someone link this on another forum. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm 1 week in and already see results. I can't wait to finish my 4 week cycle.
by Anonymous
1/20/2010 11:41PM EST
I wrote a nic elong comment but accidentally escaped the browser (LAME!). So im just gonna post my picture as proof....
by Dick
1/20/2010 8:31AM EST
So I've been with my boyfriend for a lil over a year, who is quite large (just under 9" and quite thick). My last two boyfriends were about 8" and 9 1/2" before my one now (I know I've been lucky lol). Well while being home for the holidays last night I got in a big fight with my boyfriend, who isnt home with me, and I ended up going out for drinks with my ex boyfriend....and then we went back to his place and had sex. He's about 7" probably average thickness. Needless to say it was a little different than I'm used to lately. He got me off, but I just coudnt get over how different it was. With my boyfriend I love how he stretches me and pushes in and out of me deep and slow. My ex kinda felt like a finger in me after my boyfriend lol.

So, to other girls here who have hung boyfriends or have sex with large guys alot, do you feel like your "wrecked" or all stretched out down there?
by Jen
1/21/2010 11:24AM EST
Hey guys. Nice to see your progress. ive tried other things but nothing seemed to work. does this stuff really work? it would change my life if i could just grow another 1 inch
by Anonymous
1/21/2010 1:11PM EST
Look man. It works for most people here right? You can see by the pics. Im glad people are finding this solution. I will probably take down the site in a few days becaue I dont want it in the news or anything. Just try it...you dont have anything to lose
by Jason
1/22/2010 2:24PM EST
Can I join the crew too? I think I fit right in now... THANKS JASON!!!
by Stephan
1/22/2010 4:57PM EST
I order this stuff when I was in the US right before moved to the UK for school a few weeks ago. I think I have the biggest dick in Europe...lol
by Nickoli
1/22/2010 5:50PM EST
Just ordered my package!!!! I haven tbeen excited for something like this since I last xmas lol
by Nickoli
1/22/2010 7:19PM EST
I cant even recognize myself anymore. The product is awesome. It gets you real ripped. Plus my dick grew. It's like ...getting plastic surgery on my entire body!! haha
by Anonymous
1/22/2010 8:02PM EST
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